About God – 2

June 14, 2010

Kindly read the previous post: https://rajeevne.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/about-god-1/

Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

An individual cannot understand his own nature. His true nature can remain dormant for a period and surface suddenly in the face of adversity. As such, either we should practice to face adversities often (fight) or avoid such occasions altogether (flight). To train our mind to face adversities and to attain maturity, moderation or wisdom, it is necessary that we work on the garden of our mind every now and then.

Bacon thus agrees with Genesis – ‘God Almighty first planted a garden..(then created Adam and Eve)’, and Voltaire – ‘We must first cultivate our back yards’.

Bacon was a philosopher who is known for establishing the scientific method of inquiry based on experimentation and inductive reasoning. Bacon rejected atheism as being the result of insufficient depth of philosophy, stating, it is true that if we have a little knowledge of philosophy, man’s mind is inclined to atheism, but depth in philosophy brings men’s minds to religion. While the mind looks for second causes (God being the first cause), it may sometimes rest in them, and go no further; but when it accepts the unified chain of them, and links them together, it must fly to Him.

Francis Bacon is termed as the father of the “Objective and realistic” approach, the deduction and reasoning.

Descartes (1596 – 1650)

Descartes, the father of “Subjective and Idealistic” had the following concepts:

  1. Human mind knows about itself most immediately and directly than anything else.
  2. Human mind knows about itself only through the impression of the external world through sensory perception.
  3. Most importantly, thinking is our prime faculty, and the proof of our existence. ‘I think, therefore I am’.
  4. There is a homogeneous substance which constitutes Matter and another which constitutes Mind.
  5. Everything except God, i.e. all the world, can be mathematically and mechanically explained, including the matter, body and soul.
  6. Everything inside is spiritual; everything outside the world (of our sensory and mental perception) is God.

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