Hue – As in Digital Photography

April 20, 2011

I was playing with this picture and look what hue setting can do to a digital photograph:

Just try to increase the hue setting by +/- 5 at a time and see what results you get. Happy editing!!


4 Responses to “Hue – As in Digital Photography”

  1. Hema P. Says:

    I love the color in the last one the best — so fresh! Your experiment reminds me of some bollywood (and other Indian) movies where the same sequence in some song and dance routines is put through these techniques to dazzle the lesser aware audiences :).

  2. PeACEMAKER Says:

    The one with the frame? Yes, that is ‘back to the basics’ after a hue-trip and a little crop on the right for balance (as if I am an expert!).

  3. Its amazing how different color images of the same object project different moods!

    • PeACEMAKER Says:

      Yes. It can be enlightening. The woman’s bright colored saree and the flowers were of the same color by chance. In different settings, they remain the same, but convey different feelings.

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