“I am your mother. I know it better!”

January 16, 2012

Day before yesterday, I went to watch the opening show of the play staged by two of my friends. I was a late arrival and had to settle with whatever seat I could get. The play was to start at 1200, the doors opened at 1230 and I captured my seat, which was in the middle of nowhere. The auditorium was filling up slowly, when I heard this loud conversation behind my back:

(Loud Voice)… “That is fine. I won’t talk to you.”

(Angry Voice)… “Not talk? You have to talk.”

(Angry Voice)… “When ever this subject comes up, you always yell at me.”

(Very disturbed voice)… “Shut up!”

(Very angry voice) “NO, I HAVE to talk.”

(Anger continued)… “I know that you will. Now shut up!”

(Anger continued)… “But why don’t you allow me to?”


(Anger at the top)… “I took your permission.”


(Pleading anger)… “I even came for this play.”

(Anger once more)… “The subject is closed!”

(Loud Submission)… “You can’t do that.”

(Anger victorious)… “SHUT UP!”

(Anger rejuvenated)… “I can not.”

(Limit of decibels)… “SHUT up NOW!”


(Anger again)… “YOU KNOW NOTHING.”


(Listen to this anger)… “I am OLDER than you are.”


(She is not listening!)… “I am your MOTHER. I know it BETTER.”


(She is still not listening)… “This subject is closed now”

(With all the left over anger)… “NO. It is NOT!”

I heard somebody getting up from her seat and then finding way to a vacant seat and dumping herself there angrily.

A few moments later, there were uncontrolled giggles: three or four feminine voices behind my seat. The play started and the voices started hushed conversations.

Although I wanted to very much, I did not turn or look back to see who was this group. I just kept guessing what must be the ‘subject’, what might be the age of the mother and daughter, who else were in the group, who was  this uncompromising mother, who was the brat; mother or daughter, why this sudden flash point, why they had to choose the public place and audience for the showdown…. and finally, Who left the group? Mother or daughter?

These and similar such questions ruined my dramatic state of mind. I could not enjoy the play. After the play was over, I could not help but glance at the possible seats these people must have occupied. But, all the rear seats had gone empty before I turned back. I did not get any answers to my curious, prying mind.

If I knew these girls or women, probably the conversation would not have meant anything to me. Now, it has a lot to offer.

I met my performer friends backstage. When they quizzed, I told them that the play was wonderful and I must watch it one more time to fully understand it!!

Image Courtsey - Google Images - Painter : Iatras


4 Responses to ““I am your mother. I know it better!””

  1. Nice save at the end :). Frankly, the same thought crossed my mind – “Did the mother leave the seat or the daughter?” :D.

    Nice article though. It shows how stretched egos can get, as can virtues like patience, when the likes and dislikes are governed by age differences!

  2. I liked this very much. Reader is also interested in who left the seat…I think the younger one must have left…..

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